Saturday 19 

I had a beautiful moment earlier. I decided to eat my toast and drink my tea out on the roof in a little patch of shadow. It’s been awhile since I’ve sat on the roof. The first thing I thought about was how often I wake up feeling separated from all of my surroundings, how I have to find myself again each morning in an almost ritualistic way. And so I sat, drinking my tea, slowly waking up to life around me. So many different birds flying back and forth, busily preparing for something or in search of some breakfast to share. As i became still I noticed one bird flying away really fast and then returning with a stick in its mouth to add to it’s nest, before speeding away again to fetch another stick. I watched another bird struggling to stand on the loose telephone wire, flapping and shaking and flipping over for quite some time before eventually giving up and moving to sturdier ground. There is always so much here, weather I notice it or not, flies and bee’s and trees and also the ocean all relentlessly carry on. It calms me down to spend some quiet time outside and remember how connected everything is.


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